The diluents in marijuana – how to identify them and what their risks are.

This text describes the most common impurities and diluents in marijuana, explains how to recognize them, and what risks they pose. Breeders love to remove the very THC-rich resin layer by sieving. This dusty layer of pollen is then hidden and can be sold again on the black market as a visually high quality and […]


The Narcotics Commissioner comments on Science Service figures.

Federal Drug Commissioner Daniela Ludwig (CSU) was asked how she views the findings of the Bundestag Scientific Service, which we recently reported not only on social media, but also on par The Scientific Service has recorded assessments of various studies according to which “adherence to a strict drug policy has little or no effect […]

Research Science

Scientists publish the results of a study on micro dosing of psychedelics

For several years now, the topic of the use of small doses of psychedelics for therapeutic purposes has been actively discussed in scientific journals, as well as in publications on the subject of hemp. Recently, this topic has begun to leak into the materials of major news publications. In general, this practice involves the regular […]