Scientists publish the results of a study on micro dosing of psychedelics

For several years now, the topic of the use of small doses of psychedelics for therapeutic purposes has been actively discussed in scientific journals, as well as in publications on the subject of hemp. Recently, this topic has begun to leak into the materials of major news publications.

In general, this practice involves the regular use of very small doses of hallucinogens that do not show a noticeable psychoactive effect in order to obtain exclusively their tonic and therapeutic (in particular, sedative and analgesic) effects. Some consumers of such micro doses completely claim that in similar quantities, psychedelics acquire a noticeable nootropic effect (that is, improves the general processes of the mental activity of the organism of the consumer).

In any case, a group of scientists from different universities of the world set out to examine in more detail the effects and properties of such psychedelic doses, in order to confirm or refute the arguments of such stories. At the beginning of last week, the results of the study that lasted a year were published for public review on the PLOS One resource .

Research procedure:

To begin with, the authors of the work had to develop a psychedelic drug participants ’supply system, since, technically, international laws, as well as US laws (where most volunteer participants were located), strictly prohibit any form of distribution and use of this category of substances.

As a result, it was proposed to entrust the task of supplying the project with psychedelics to the observation participants themselves. Actually, for this reason, the experiment involved people who have long been personally practicing the use of LSD micro-doses. In other words, the researchers simply sent out to the participants instructions for conducting the experiment, as well as a list of questions designed to evaluate their subjective sensations of the therapeutic effects of micro-doses.

A new list of simple questions was sent every day to the personal mailbox of each participant in the experiment. The longer-term effect of micro-doses was measured at the end of each month, using a larger list of questions.

At the end of the year of observation, the authors conducted a complete analysis of all the collected data, establishing a list of the general effects of the micro dose of LSD, both with short-term and long-term use.

The positive effect of LSD micro-doses:

One of the scientists who worked on the project, named Vince Polito, briefly described the findings of the study to The Conversation journalists , immediately emphasizing that in general, all the participants in the trial noted only positive effects for the micro-doses.

From the most noticeable positive effects of small doses of LSD, volunteer participants identified their ability to stimulate the brain’s mental and creative abilities, as well as to improve the overall tone of the body at times. In addition, most participants noted that micro doses greatly improve the ability of consciousness to concentrate on a particular work. It is possible that similar effects of LSD also explain that some participants in the experiment noted their extremely high effectiveness in combating various types of depression, as well as the ability to quickly alleviate the state of chronic stress and fatigue.

Negative effect of micro-dose LSD:

Of the minuses, most of the participants noted a slightly increased level of arousal and nervousness, especially with regular use of several micro-doses per day.

Scientists also claim that at the initial stage of the experiment several participants dropped out of it, who noted that even in such small doses, LSD has a rather strong psychoactive effect on them.

In general, such feelings of increased nervousness were noted in volunteers after about 6 weeks of regular use of several doses of LSD per day. Although this limit ranged from 1–2 weeks, on average, malaise began to manifest itself over a period of 5–6 weeks.

Future research on micro-dosing

In any case, this work is only the first project dedicated to the use of LSD micro-doses for therapeutic purposes. It is quite possible that further tests on the micro-dozing of this drug, as well as other hallucinogens, will be able to more accurately clarify the peculiarities of the effect of such small doses of psychedelics on the physiological functions and psychological state of a person.

Dr. Polito himself reminds journalists that, due to the limitations of the study, scientists had to rely on the subjective feedback from participants in the experiment, which cannot be verified objectively. It is quite possible if the authorities of the United States or any other country in the world allow the legalization of psychedelics for medical and scientific research, the following similar test can be carried out in a laboratory with well-adjusted and verified doses of pure LSD.

In general, the available findings provide us with only one obvious fact: LSD has a certain neuro-stimulating and therapeutic effect in small doses, which, in turn, is not accompanied by noticeable negative side effects.

“In other words, the work only demonstrates that in micro-doses, LSD has a much more controlled and useful effect in work and creative processes than when used in recreational dosages,” notes Dr. Polito. “Certainly, we observe certain negative effects with prolonged and frequent use of micro doses, however, it is not yet known how dangerous it is for long-term human health.”

“So far we know that in small doses, the substance can cause a neuro stimulating and tonic effect on a person, while carrying a certain risk of increasing nervous excitability. How exactly these doses produce a similar effect will be known only through more in-depth and detailed studies, ”

– he adds.

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