CBD hemp products for dogs and cats.

CBD hemp products for dogs and cats – why are more and more pet owners using them?

Hemp products are increasingly found in pet stores as treats, oil, hemp ointment, or hemp powder as a dietary supplement. However, many pet owners are unlikely to be aware of the great effects of cannabis.

What you need to know about hemp products before consuming them?

Hemp products are an excellent food supplement not only for humans, but also for our beloved four-legged friends. Especially if they discover a CBD ingredient. CBD, also known as cannabid, is one of the most important components of the cannabis plant. Now, many people are certainly wondering if cannabis can harm an animal: but CBD, unlike THC, is not psychoactive and in no way intoxicating.

How does CBD work?

To understand how CBD works, it’s important to know that humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system. He has an important task of maintaining the balance of the body.
The endocannabinoid system is equipped with receptors to which the active ingredient CBD binds and freely spreads its action in the body. CBD is full of vitamins and other beneficial nutrients, including:

  1. Omega 3-6.
  2. Zinc.
  3. Vitamin E.
  4. Carotenoids.
  5. Iron.
  6. Potassium.

Numerous studies have shown that taking CBD can stabilize or support chemical balance in the brain. If it fluctuates, depression or anxiety could be the possible consequences.

CBD is rich in vitamins, especially vitamins E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin, on the one hand, it protects cells, promotes new cell growth, and also removes harmful free radicals from the body.

When can you use CBD hemp products?

There are many possible uses. It is mainly used to relieve or prevent health problems. Whether psychologically or physically.
CBD has done well, especially in anxious and nervous dogs.

CBD has already been used for the following complaints.

  •  Anxiety, nervousness and fear.
  •  Loss of appetite.
  •  Indigestion.
  •  Signs of aging.
  •  Convulsions of all kinds.
  •  Arthrosis.
  •  Pain (especially of the musculoskeletal system).
  •  Inflammation.
  •  Skin problems.

CBD is also used to reduce pain-related signs of aging. Whether it is osteoarthritis, joint pain or deterioration in the quality of the coat. Research has shown that it can help with arthritis or epilepsy, just like in humans. After taking CBD, seizures were reduced by 75%. Pet owners love to seek alternative treatment options to avoid unnecessarily burdening their pet with medications.

CBD has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, so it can be applied to wounds and thus promote wound healing.

CBD is also a great travel companion on long journeys if your dog is uncomfortable. This will help your dog relax and calm down. Another benefit is the prevention of nausea.

Can a healthy animal consume CBD as well?

Of course, consuming CBD hemp products does not require any disease! It is often used as a pure oil supplement to support the immune system and metabolic processes. The animal’s body is optimally supported by daily supplements.

Hemp products are a clean source of energy, especially for athletic and active animals. Hemp products promote a fast and good metabolism, and the animal gets enough oxygen and energy.
According to user surveys, many pet owners also use CBD for grooming.

For example, CBD ointment is a super healthy and purely herbal alternative for paw care. Dogs’ paws are subjected to great stress every day. Whether in the winter on road salt, in the forest on uneven ground, or in a big city on asphalt and stone floors.
Avoiding regular paw care can lead to rupture due to pain in the four-legged friend.

At this stage, many will probably think that the ingredients of the ointment are secondary, the ointment is in contact only with the paws. However, it is often observed that animals subsequently lick their paws. When licked, the ingredients enter the body.

Hemp ointment is very suitable because it consists of purely natural substances.

Can You Give Your Pet Human CBD Products?

Therefore, if you want to do something good for your pet, you can use CBD products.

It should be noted here, however, that CBD products must be animal-friendly. Foods for humans and animals differ in composition.
CBD products distinguish between full spectrum products and CBD isolates.

Full Spectrum CBDs contain CBD terpenes that are not suitable for animals. This can lead to poisoning, especially in cats. On the other hand, CBD Isolate is pure CBD and is used for animal products. However, CBD supplementation does not replace a visit to the vet. It is also a good idea to discuss the intake with your veterinarian beforehand to determine the correct dosage. Overdose can cause nausea in the animal.