How to get cannabis seeds?

For cannabis growers, the idea of ​​finding seeds in their crops is terrible. In fact, however, propagating your seeds is an absolutely sane thing, no matter what kind of plant it is. If you want to be able to harvest vegetable raw materials again and again for a long period of time, it is logical to resort to plant reproduction mechanisms and free yourself from the constant purchase of seeds. But how to purposefully obtain your own cannabis seeds?

Why would you grow your own cannabis seeds?

Anyone who has successfully grown his favorite plant at least once will certainly regret if he can no longer reproduce it on his own, that is, at the expense of his own resources. This is especially true of the hemp plant, which has hundreds of varieties and even more phenotypes. Anyone who wants to practice truly sustainable cultivation of cannabis in terms of culture should in fact give up buying seeds regularly. So the seeds themselves are definitely worth making. Many people think that the hemp plant needs to be completely fertilized or that this happens automatically in the process, but this is not necessary. You just need to be very careful and pay special attention to cleanliness. You should even change your clothes before visiting the female plants.
Seed production requirements.

If you want to grow a particular cannabis strain and produce a basic supply of seeds for it, you will need at least one adult male cannabis plant of the desired strain. And, of course, you will need at least one female cannabis plant of the desired variety. It should flower for at least four weeks if you still want to harvest some of the usable hemp flowers despite producing seeds. If you are only going to produce seeds, you can also use the plant early in its flowering phase. Both plants are grown separately and not next to each other.

Removing pollen from male hemp flowers.

When the cannabis plants grow, you need to wait for the males to enter the flowering phase. After the pollen sacs have opened, one shoot and the pollen sac are carefully separated. You must completely avoid any vibration. You put the shoots in a dark paper bag, keep it closed, and shake it vigorously. If you then open the bag, you will see a layer of yellow-white pollen on dark paper. The sealed paper bag should now be tightly wrapped in one or more plastic bags to avoid inadvertent pollination.

Pollination of female hemp flowers.

There must be no wind for the targeted pollination of the female hemp plant to be possible. With a thin brush, you can remove pollen from the surface of the bag and apply it to a pre-selected branch of the flowering female. First of all, make sure that the white strands of the female flowers are covered in pollen. All the stages of work required here must be carried out with the utmost care, a steady hand is absolutely essential in such a matter. Now take a white stream and tie it around the shoot with fertilized flowers. After about a week, the pollen should grow together with the flower to avoid the risk of unintentional pollination of other plants. Once again, it’s important to be patient. The pods should be ripe soon.

Harvest homemade hemp seeds.

Determining when to harvest the seeds is really not difficult. Because the capsules burst at some point, and ripe seeds become clearly visible. You must harvest as soon as possible after the pods burst. Harvesting is also very simple: just tear off the shoots and the seeds will fall out. The seeds should then harden. This can take four weeks, but sometimes up to three months. However, this is important because it will prevent the growth of mold on the seeds. You now have ready-made cannabis seeds and can continue to grow your favorite cannabis strain for generations.